Have a look at some the best projects I’ve done in my developer career!

AR Quiz

It's an augmented reality scavenger hunt. We made a quiz game in Unity where each question prompts you to find a QR in a specific room, which when scanned, renders a 3d object that answers the question (try this one ๐Ÿ˜‰)! [Demo]


It stands for "Endangered Animal Species Tracker". Edge computing using drones is an emerging technology I wanted to try out to write such an application. Video footage is forwarded from a drone to an RCNN trained with transfer learning for live object detection on animals!

Sign Friendly

It's difficult for the deaf to communicate with sign language, but this becomes harder cross-culturally because each language carries its own set of sign language gestures. Sign Friendly is an Android app that translates between different sign languages.


Using the Neo4j graph DB to represent datasets of New England mailing addresses from 2005/2010/2014, our webapp produces insights, differences, and visualizations of the given data.

COVID-19 Diagnoser

Gathers geographical, clinical, and personnel contact history data from users and estimates the user's risk of COVID-19 infection with a Bayesian model. The diagnosis also provides an action plan to users according to their risk rating.

ML Snippets

I've written a few Python scripts practicing machine learning topics for my CS2810: Mathematics of Data Models course and during my 2018 summer internship.

Google Flights Scraper

A scraper built in Express for Google Flights data using the Puppeteer library. Results are cached in a MongoDB Atlas instance for an hour.


Inspired by Uber and AirBNB, Relieveรœ is a mobile app providing an on-demand private bathroom usage service.

Parade Events

Parade Events is a mobile app serving as an events platform for Northeastern students. Working with the Parade Team, I made some fixes to the frontend UI and built a recurring events feature into the app.

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