Hackathons aren’t an obligation, they’re a lifestyle. Every in-person hackathon I’ve attended has been an opportunity to learn, meet smart people at different universities, visit a new city, enjoy great food, and check out the hottest new technologies.

Before the pandemic, I would travel to a hackathon once every other weekend. Now that I’m closer to graduation, my lifestyle is coming to an end.

Here is my Devpost.

Hack&Roll 2023 (Singapore)

VandyHacks IX (Nashville, TN)

Jane Street ETC (Seattle, WA)

DragonHacks 2022 (Philadelphia, PA)

CatHacks VIII (Lexington, KY)

Hack Cambridge Atlas 2022 (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

HackPrague 2021 (Prague, Czech Republic)

HackZürich 2021 (Zürich, Switzerland)

COVID happened, a year of silence...

LAHacks 2020 (remote)

HackNYU 2020 (remote)

HackBeanpot 2020 (Boston, MA)

Hack@Brown 2020 (Providence, RI)

BostonHacks 2019 (Boston, MA)

YHack 2019 (New Haven, CT)

HackHarvard 2019 (Cambridge, MA)

HackNY 2019 (New York, NY)