My Thoughts

Just a collection of thoughts and interesting questions I’ve thought about. If you have answers or an opinion to these, I’d love to start a conversation!

Restart Civilization

Suppose every human on Earth suddenly disappears except you and the other people at your university or workplace. What is the first thing you and your friends do? In the long-term, how would this event affect race, religion, and politics?

Inspired by the Dr. Stone anime.

Can you sing?

You’re in jail, but your captor allows you to walk free, no questions asked, if you can sing one song of your choice perfectly. Fail, and you’ll be stuck here for a long time. What song do you choose?

Question inspired by a random Reddit post I saw a while ago.

Big Number

Using any expressions, symbols, functions you’d like (except infinity/limits), handwrite the largest number you can in one minute.

Inspired by Quora.