Hi – I’m Brandon. I recently graduated from Northeastern University and work full-time now as a software engineer at Scale AI. My first exposure to tech came through downloading a virus on my father’s computer, prompting my curiosity… and the rest is history.

Throughout college and now, my location has changed roughly every season:

  • 👨‍💻 (Currently) In SF, you’ll find me riding my e-scooter around the Embarcadero and mingling at various tech conferences.

  • 🌴 In LA, you’ll find me practicing driving, napping, or enjoying a meal back at home.

  • 🇨🇭 In Zürich, I might’ve been doing compilers homework in the ETH Polyterrasse or engrossed in an AIESEC meeting.

  • 🦞 In Boston, I might’ve been studying brainteasers to prepare for interviews, or reading books during the wee hours of the morning in the library.

  • ✨ In Pittsburgh, I might’ve been hoarding sparkling water from the fridge at Duolingo.

  • 🗽 In NYC, I might’ve been walking through Penn Station for my morning commute or auditing an evening class at NYU with my friend Jerry.

  • 🇸🇬 In Singapore, I might’ve been struggling to understand proofs in Real Analysis or grabbing a smoothie from the 300+ food stalls at NTU.

You can check out my CV here. Outside of work, I’m probably losing the Inn Challenges in DragonFable, saving my Duolingo streak, watching SAO, or traveling.