About Myself

I'm a rising junior at Northeastern University, living out my dreams. My first exposure to computers came through downloading a virus on my father's computer. After that mishap, I wanted to learn more... and the rest is simply history.

At Northeastern, you can catch me hanging out with other nerds at NUHacks, solving competitive programming problems at HCPC, or involved in a hackathon. When I'm not coding, I'm probably playing DragonFable, playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, watching bad good anime, or cooking.

App Development

I have experience with a variety of full-stack web development frameworks that I've gained through personal projects or hackathons. During that process, I've also picked up cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native.

Data Science

Data science found it's way into my life through courses I've taken online and through my university. I still enjoy dabbling with it!

UI/UX Design

Self-taught myself a little UI/UX design with Figma over the summer! It's a super valuable skill that makes or breaks an app.


Traveling is fun, and I've been places! Here's some of that:


Hackathons aren't just an obligation for me, they're a lifestyle. Why do I enjoy them so much? Every hackathon I've attended has been an opportunity to learn, establish connections across universities, visit a new city, enjoy great food, and check out the hottest new technologies.

Back in Boston, I would travel to a hackathon once every other weekend. I also volunteer with the HackBeanpot core technical team to help organize their annual hackathon!

My most recent hackathon was Code for Good: Eastern Edition by JP Morgan Chase on Oct. 16-17, 2020!