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About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Brandon Liang (BLiang). I'm a freshman at Northeastern University, living out my dreams. My first exposure to computers came through downloading a virus on my father's computer. I wanted to learn more after that mishap, and the rest is history.

Innovative Ideas

Web/Mobile Development

Cyber Security

Machine Learning



I attend Northeastern University (Class of 2022/23), working towards a B.S. in Computer Science.

I attended Troy High School in Fullerton, CA. I was a student in the Troy Tech magnet program, completing the computer science pathway. I graduated with the Rotary Distinction, awarded to the top 39 seniors out of a class of 600+.


Work Experience

Mobile Engineer at Parade Fall 2019

Parade is an events sharing app made by Northeastern students for Northeastern students. I added new features and fixes to the cross-platform UI in React Native.

Assistant Data Analyst at Tsingdata D-Lab Summer 2018

I reported on AI usage by large tech firms and explored how non-tech firms could leverage similar technologies. Additionally, I translated statistics lecture papers into Python for a visiting professor from UCF. At the end of my tenure, I embarked on the MIT-Tsinghua Future City Innovation Connector, where I discussed ideas with startup teams building products to help enhance urban planning.


Coding Projects

RelieveÜ (React Native, Flask, MongoDB)

Inspired by Uber and AirBNB, RelieveÜ is a mobile app providing an on-demand private bathroom usage service. (3rd Place in HackNY 2019)

Ropu (Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku)

Designed and programmed a social media web application to improve club management in academia. After initial launch, we have over 100 users. I consider this to be my first major coding project, as I learned all about making webapps.


Where Have I Been?

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Where I'm from!

Boston, MA, USA

Where I go to college!

Concord, MA, USA

Columbus Day Weekend 2019.

New Haven, CT, USA

Visited Yale University for YHack 2019!

Providence, RI, USA

Visited Brown University for Hack@Brown 2020!

New York City, NY, USA

Thanksgiving Break 2019!

Glen Canyon, AZ, USA

Spring Break 2019.

San Francisco, CA, USA

For CodeQuest 2017 during my sophomore year of HS.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Go here often for winter/spring break!

San Diego, CA, USA

For UCSD Welcome Day (and where I lived briefly!)

Beijing, China

Where I had my Troy Tech Internship in Summer 2018! Also visited lots of relatives.


Summer 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Summer 2019

Rome, Italy

Summer 2019

Koper, Slovenia

Summer 2019

Tokyo, Japan

Summer 2018

Paris, France

Summer 2016

Stockholm, Sweden

Summer 2016

Athens, Greece

Summer 2016

Kotor, Montenegro

Summer 2016
My Portfolio


Alne at Day (Acrylic, 2016)

This was one of the most memorable and beautiful scenes from my favorite anime: Sword Art Online. I enjoyed putting my own take on an image that is so significant from a totally different creative medium like anime. It was also a great opportunity to try a new kind of paint that I hadn't worked with much.

Apollo Belvedere (Charcoal, 2018)

My first charcoal drawing, seen here, was an opportunity to explore basic foundational skills like scale, angle, shape, layers, and lighting. It taught me the importance of observation when working on a still life of any sort, and ways to make an object your own through the capturing of the details that seem most essential.

Cliffs of Moher (Watercolor, 2015)

A painting of the Cliffs of Moher. This painting was inspired by a wallpaper I saw on Bing one day. I also enjoyed working with watercolor on this particular painting, as this was was early on in my exploration of that medium.

Fall Gathering (Oil Painting, 2017)

This was my first attempt at a still life oil painting. The elements in this painting look like a relaxing arrangement to me. This is very important oil painting practice, and allowed me to incorporate some of the skills I've developed in charcoal drawing experimentation in a different medium.

Galloping Horses (Oil Painting, 2017)

Horses are the symbol of speed and strength. This painting represents the mood of my participation in the school tennis team. I like trying to capture the spirit and/or energy of something like tennis (or sports in general), and harness that same energy in a completely different portrayal, like horses running in the wild.

Glacier Fault (Watercolor, 2015)

I saw the best of what nature had to offer when I visited the glaciers at Alaska three summers ago. This painting preserves that beauty in my mind, which may not last for future generations - partially what inspired me to capture it with paint.

Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World (Watercolor, 2015)

This was a powerful card I used in one of my Yu-Gi-Oh! decks when I started becoming competitive in the game. I would rely on this card a lot to win my duels and get me out of tough situations, hence why it was a great image to spend time with while practicing different perspectives and attention to linear detail with watercolor.

Marseille (Charcoal, 2017)

My 2nd charcoal drawing. I continue to practice my basic foundational skills in a variety of still life efforts like this one. Light and contrast (similar to the self portrait of me studying in the portfolio), were essential features I tried to focus on in this particular drawing.

Self-Portrait (Oil Painting, 2018)

I wanted to capture this particular moment in my life as I prepare to finish high school and move on to college — it seems like a nice memento for my parents to have in addition to the many, many photographs they have chronicling our family's life.

Up at Night (Oil Painting, 2018)

Every night, after I'd finally finish my homework, I would practice my programming skills, which is something I'm a huge nerd about. I worked really hard on this particular painting to capture both the darkness and stillness of my room at night, as well as the warm glow of my screen and desk lamp that is an integral part of my usual study scene.

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